The Way of Jesus in the World of Today


Each year the Academy grants fellowships to twelve outstanding young scholars, professionals, and artists to live and study at Osprey Point. The Academy offers a rigorous curriculum of theology and cultural studies in the context of community to challenge Fellows to live their whole lives as an answer to God's call. Each Fellow develops a personal project for the year and is partnered with an experienced mentor.


The vision of the Academy is to cultivate a generation of faithful leaders who are together able to thoughtfully engage the most critical issues faced by our culture. 

Academy Blog

Week 22: Reflections by Fellow Mary Frances Dunlap
Singing the Promise Have you ever seen trees bristling with such life that they dance? Have you heard them clap their hands or sing for joy...
Week 21: Reflections by Fellow Alyssa Abraham
Thinking Creatively in Politics and Leadership This week, as we experienced some of the first light snowfalls of the new year, we saw the...
Week 20: Reflections by Fellow Sally Mindrebo
Cookies and Tapestries It has been a week of returnings and new beginnings. Our return was to Christmas. Alyssa led matins and evensong this...
December by the Numbers: Reflections by Fellow Amanda Sutker
150 minutes of orchestral, choral, and solo performance we enjoyed at the U.S. Naval Academy's rendition of Handel's Messiah 30...
Week 14: Reflections by Fellow Juan Alacala
With Thanksgiving behind, Advent upon us, and Christmas ahead, we Fellows have three weeks remaining of the fall term. And with so much to...
Week 13: Reflections by Fellow Tucker Stevens
Thanksgiving is approaching; the anticipation in the air is accompanied by a North West wind, premature Christmas music, the smell of good...