The Way of Jesus in the World of Today


Each year the Academy grants fellowships to twelve outstanding young scholars, professionals, and artists to live and study at Osprey Point. The Academy offers a rigorous curriculum of theology and cultural studies in the context of community to challenge Fellows to live their whole lives as an answer to God's call. Each Fellow develops a personal project for the year and is partnered with an experienced mentor.


The vision of the Academy is to cultivate a generation of faithful leaders who are together able to thoughtfully engage the most critical issues faced by our culture. 

Academy Blog

Q Conference: A Reflection
Grady (Executive Director), Cory (Associate Director), and Beth (Director of Recruitment) attended this year's Q Conference from April...
Annual Conference: Michael Cromartie
Here is the full-length video of Michael Cromartie's keynote address at the 2014 Annual Conference this year at the Trinity Forum...
Week 34: Alleluia!
Current Fellow, Austin Kucera, reflects on Week 34: Alleluia! A couple months ago we were mumbling our way through Matins, without much...
Announcing our new Program Director, Syman Stevens
We are excited to share the wonderful news that the Trinity Forum Academy has hired Syman Stevens to serve as the new Program Director....
Book Review: “Beyond War” by David Rohde
Current Fellow Michael Searway reviews “Beyond War” by David Rohde As I finished reading Beyond War, the latest work by Pulitzer...
Week 29: When We Pray
Current Fellow, Kalen Cheng, reflects on Week 29: "When We Pray"—As Inspired by Skip Ryan's Pastoral Words Every weekday we bow our head in...