The Way of Jesus in the World of Today


Each year the Academy grants fellowships to twelve outstanding young scholars, professionals, and artists to live and study at Osprey Point. The Academy offers a rigorous curriculum of theology and cultural studies in the context of community to challenge Fellows to live their whole lives as an answer to God's call. Each Fellow develops a personal project for the year and is partnered with an experienced mentor.


The vision of the Academy is to cultivate a generation of faithful leaders who are together able to thoughtfully engage the most critical issues faced by our culture. 

Academy Blog

Playing to Win : Week 6
By Fellow John Mark Elliot “Life isn’t played to keep from losing. We play to win.” Depending on context, this statement...
Living life (and eating peanut butter) together : Week 5
By Fellow Anna Gibson Four weeks in…. All twelve Fellows are still alive (despite being perhaps the most disaster-prone group of...
No Longer a Blank Page : Week 4
By Fellow Brian Scholl We are closing out our first month as Fellows. I’m proud to say I now know my way around the Windrush...
Finding Peace and Discovering Strengths : Week 3
By Fellow Jesse Porch Sitting here in the Old Library, gazing out over the open water as dark clouds gather overhead and announce their...
Rich and Sweet Beginnings : Weeks 1 & 2
By Fellow Carolyn Hoehner I am tempted to begin this blog entry with a sentence I think will be quite common in entries to come: I cannot...
A New Staff Addition: Austin Ricketts
Not only have we recently welcomed the new Fellows of 2016, but we have also welcomed Austin Ricketts to our staff to serve as Chaplain....